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WEC iMX7 BSP Release


The following table contains known issues, scheduled bug fixes, and feature improvements for the iMX Windows CE BSPs and images.

Any schedules are not guaranteed, but reflect the current planning. The planning could be shifted due to priority changes.
Issues which are scheduled for a specific version will be integrated in the mentioned version of the BSP.

We will update this table continuously in order to always provide the latest state of our development plan.

Odd beta versions, as 1.0b1 or 1.3b3, are internal releases only for testing. They are omitted from the table.

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Issue #StatusSubjectModuleSubsystemWinCE OS

Not Planned
WC-1038Feature RequestAdd support for alternative LCD pinsColibri iMX7VGAWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Currently display can not be connected to alternative pins

WC-1037Known IssueColibri Evaluation Board: USB 3.0 Devices Plugged in at Boot Time is not AccessibleColibri iMX7USB

Description: On the Colibri Evaluation Board V3, a USB 3.0 device plugged in at boot time is not accessible after boot. Furthermore, the device seems to influence the on-board USB hub in a way that any USB port 1-4 won't work anymore.

WC-1031Feature RequestSupport Colibri iMX7D 1GB V1.1A (1GB RAM, 4GB eMMC)Colibri iMX7Flash, RAMWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Support Colibri iMX7D 1GB V1.1A with 1GB RAM and 4GB eMMC. The other Colibri iMX7 SKUs use less RAM and NAND Flash instead of eMMC. Please contact your local sales office in case you are interested in WinCE support for this module version.

WC-1027Known IssueSetting USB device as "USBSER_class" does not workColibri iMX7WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Using USB Client as USBSER_class does not work with all the applications.

WC-1018Feature RequestSupport SD UHS mode (new feature of Colibri iMX7D V1.1D and Colibri iMX7S V1.1C)Colibri iMX7SDIO/SD/MMC

Description: Support SD UHS mode which is possible with the new Colibri module versions: Colibri iMX7D V1.1D and Colibri iMX7S V1.1C

WC-1005Feature RequestPWM will be supported as a library and not as part of the BSPColibri iMX7PWMWEC7, WEC2013

Description: We will add support for ADC through our libraries. Library page:
Library roadmap and release notes:

Workaround: Use the PWM Library.

WC-1004Feature RequestCAN will be supported as a library and not as part of the BSPColibri iMX7CANWEC7, WEC2013

Description: We will add support for ADC through our libraries. Library page:
Library roadmap and release notes:

Workaround: Use the CAN Library.

WC-998Feature RequestAdd support for suspend modeColibri iMX7Power ManagementWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Add support for suspend mode This is currently not planned as we don't have any request for it. Please contact us if you need suspend mode.

WC-996Feature RequestAdd support for bootloader kitColibri iMX7BootloaderWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Provide a bootloader kit so customers can build their own bootloader

WC-994Feature RequestADC will be supported as a library and not as part of the BSPColibri iMX7Analog InputsWEC7, WEC2013

Description: We will add support for ADC through our libraries. Library page:
Library roadmap and release notes:

Workaround: Use the ADC Library.

WC-977Known IssueRemoteadmin interface does not ask for passwordColibri iMX7WinCE FeatureWEC7

Description: Web interface does not ask for password.

Workaround: If you are building your own BSP contact support and we will provide new DLL.

WC-976Known IssueSystem time does not behave correctly when DST is not activatedColibri iMX7RTCWEC7, WEC2013

Description: When DST is not active the current date/time reported by the system is not precise and lags few minutes per hours during runtime.

Workaround: If you have issues with DST not running correctly go into registry under HKLM\Time Zones and select your timezone. There is a subkey "Dynamic DST" with entries for each year. To fix it create a new entry for year when you have issues and copy value from previous year.

WC-949Known IssueMemory Leak When Connecting ActiveSync/WMDCColibri iMX7WinCE FeatureWEC7

Description: Minor memory leak when repeatedly connecting / disconnecting the USB cable between module and a PC.

Workaround: -

WC-941Known IssueMulti threaded application can't able to Debug - predictingColibri iMX7WEC2013

Description: A multi-threaded application can't able to Debug

WC-940Feature RequestInternal Version for Testing OnlyColibri iMX7WEC7, WEC2013

Description: This version was never officially released and is an internal version only.

WC-918Known IssueOnly English(United States) region can be usedColibri iMX7WinCE FeatureWEC7, WEC2013

Description: After adding additional locals through the Toradex .cab installer, still only the regional settings English(United States) can be used. Any other region setting prevents the system from booting correctly.

WC-917Known IssueThe debug message buffer cannot be activatedColibri iMX7WEC2013

Description: The Debug Message Buffer feature cannot be activated

WC-915Known IssueUser Credentials for WPA2 Enterprise WiFi connections are not persisted across rebootsColibri iMX7Wi-FiWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Issue was identified as problem with Microsoft code. As WEC7 and WEC2013 are in extended support ( ) this is not going to be fixed by Microsoft updates.

WC-913Known Issue.NET CF V3.9 bug when comparing to (constant) 0LColibri iMX7WinCE FeatureWEC2013

Description: Comparing 0L and 0L in .NET Compact Framework 3.9 leads to wrong result.

Workaround: You can find a workaround from Microsoft here

WC-911Known IssueTouch coordinates jump while releasing the screenColibri iMX7Resistive TouchCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Buttons sometimes don't react on touch click events.

WC-888Known Issue800 x 480 display registry configuration failsColibri iMX7CE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: 800 x 480 display registry configuration fails.

Workaround: Set display parameters in splash screen configuration and Set UseSplashSettings on Display registry.

WC-885Known IssueTCP DHCP settings "Lease Expires" date is wrongColibri iMX7EthernetWEC7

Description: The "Lease Expires" date is always set to 1/1/1970 initially. This seems to be WEC7 related issue. This is not an issue on CE6.

Workaround: Do a ip renew (ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew) to get a correct "Lease Expires" date. If you build your own Image, you can also use a legacy dhcp.dll.

WC-864Feature RequestAdd support for 2nd EthernetColibri iMX7EthernetWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Add support for 2nd Ethernet PHY over RMII

WC-842Known IssueThreads with higher priority (<101) can freeze the device (iMX7D only)Colibri iMX7WinCE FeatureWEC7, WEC2013

Description: If you are running a a thraed with high priority (above 101) this can freeze the device. The device will not be able to handle any other interrupt.

Workaround: Prevent forcing high priority threads to core 1. Do not use high priority threads (above prio 101) whenever possible.

WC-841Feature RequestAdd support for compressed imageColibri iMX7BootloaderWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Add support for compressed image

WC-836Known IssueExplorer Crashes When Showing a Folder Containing TRE.exeColibri iMX7WinCE FeatureWEC7

Description: Explorer Crashes When a Folder is Opened

WC-1028Feature RequestSupport new iMX7 versions with new Macronix Flash MX30LF4G28AC-TIColibri iMX7FlashWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Add support for the new NAND flash from Macronix (MX30LF4G28AC-TI) used on Colibri iMX7S 256MB V1.1C Colibri iMX7D 512MB V1.1D

WC-960Feature RequestSupport Toradex PCAPColibri iMX7Miscellaneous PeripheralsWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Supported the capacitive touch screens from the webshop

WC-930Known IssueSaving Registry does not work after a while on IMX7D 1GB (eMMC)Colibri iMX7FlashWEC7, WEC2013

Description: If you try to save the registry after running the system for a while, the registry save will fail and you will not be able to write to the flashdisk any longer.

Workaround: In order to save the registry reboot the device and then save the registry.

WC-909Known IssueUART_C transmit is not workingColibri iMX7UART, USBWEC7, WEC2013

Description: UART3 does not transmit any data, because the Tx pin's alternate function is configured to OTG1_OC.

Workaround: remove the registry setting [HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\USBOTG\Hcd\Pinout_Default] colibripin_21="altfn=1" and save the registry

WC-908Feature RequestSend Eboot source code to customerBootloader

Description: generate Eboot source code package

WC-900Feature RequestHigh-level SW feature overview for Colibri iMX7 Roadmap

Description: iMX7 Roadmap SW features WinCE

WC-896Feature RequestDocument SRAM used by Windows CEColibri iMX7RAMCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: In WinCe versions before V1.1, some SRAM areas were used by WinCe and therefore could not be used for any M4 application.

Workaround: Use Image V1.1 or newer

WC-892Known Issue18BPP and 24BPP not valid settingsColibri iMX7GraphicsWEC7, WEC2013

Description: WinCE doesn't support 18 bpp and 24 bpp. Only 16 bpp and 32 bpp are valid settings.