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Article updated at 08 Apr 2019
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Warning: The Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit is not up to date anymore. For the information about Toradex plans for Windows 10 IoT Core please see Toradex Windows 10 IoT Core (Pro) Strategy

The WinIoT Starter Kit offers a preview of Windows 10 IoT Core on the Colibri T30 featuring the Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC. The highlights of this kit are fully accelerated DirectX graphics and a HW platform which is proven in many industrial applications. The software is in an early stage.

Getting Started

Got the Win 10 Stater Kit

  • Connect a Display via the DVI port. For HDMI screens use a DVI to HDMI cable/adapter.
  • Connect a USB mouse (optional)
  • Connect power
  • You will see the the system booting (currently there is a graphic glitch while booting, do not panic!)

I already own a Colibri T30

I like to update an existing Win 10 IoT Kit

Using the Remote Interface

Hello World

Current Status

  • Only HDMI/DVI supported
  • DirectX supported (Feature Level 9_1)
  • Boot form eMMC
  • Basic Support for GPIO/SPI/I2C
  • Not power optimized yet. Module can get hot. Do not touch SoC when running!
  • This is a early beta version we are looking forward to your feedback, please contact us at
  • For support questions please only use our community page.


We are working on this, let us know your priorities. You should see this list getting updated very soon.

  • There is an issue in the graphic driver, which will show a flashing screen while booting
  • Serial Ports, not supported yet. (UEFI output on X13, while booting)
  • Parallel LCD (VGA on Iris), not supported yet
  • Audio only on HDMI at the moment
  • Resistive Touch not supported, we recommend using USB touch for the moment
  • SD Card, not supported yet. Use a USB memory stick
  • eMMC runs with reduced speed
  • RAM timings run with reduced speed, lower graphic performance,...

Next Steps

Release Notes

To flash a new image see: Flash Win IoT Core

V0.0.2 (February 23rd 2016)

  • Provide more space on data partion for user application (1.8GB)
  • Slightly fast boot
  • Preparation to enable online updates


Initial Release

Introduction Video