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Torizon Platform Services is the recommended tool for managing remote and offline updates for Torizon, our easy-to-use embedded Linux platform.


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How to Get Started With Torizon Updates

It is very simple to get started, you just need to create an account and login to our hosted dashboard:

Get Started With the Torizon Platform

It is a good experience to just explore the dashboard, but you can of course learn more with documentation:

Torizon OTA Documentation

An overview of relevant articles is presented in this tab. You can scroll through contents or click on your topic of interest below:

First Steps and Essentials, Torizon Tools and TorizonCore Customization

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First Steps and Essentials

Technical information about Torizon Remote Updates implementation.

Article Brief Description
Torizon Updates Overview An overview of Updates with Torizon
Torizon Updates Technical Overview A technical overview of how Torizon implements updates
Over-The-Air Updates An overview of over-the-air update technologies for Toradex modules
Quickstart Guide Our step-by-step guide has a section dedicated to Torizon Platform
First Steps with Torizon Remote Updates A practical introduction to Torizon Remote Updates
First Steps with Secure Offline Updates A practical introduction to Secure Offline Updates
Torizon Platform Services Web Interface An overview of the web interface of Torizon OTA and its features
Device Monitoring in TorizonCore Device monitoring is a feature available in the Torizon platform to check the health and monitor the performance of a device
Aktualizr - Modifying the Settings of Torizon OTA Client Configure some settings on the Torizon OTA client, as the polling frequency and blocking updates on the device
Signing and Pushing TorizonCore Packages to Torizon OTA A step-by-step tutorial on how to build and push to Torizon OTA a custom TorizonCore image or application package for OTA Deployment
Using Private Registries With Torizon OTA How to deploy private registry credentials to your devices
OSTree An overview of a core technology used in the Torizon OTA

Torizon Tools and TorizonCore Customization

The articles below show information about Torizon Tools and TorizonCore Customization to prepare an image for OTA deployment.

Article Brief Description
TorizonCore Builder Tool - Customizing TorizonCore Images Create a custom TorizonCore image that you can use in production programming with Toradex Easy Installer, or push your changes to Torizon Platform Services
TorizonCore Builder - Workflow Workflow of TorizonCore Builder, with a comparison between the approaches to use the tool and diagrams to graphically present the workflow and each approach
TorizonCore Builder VS Code Integration How to use TorizonCore Builder from Visual Studio Code
TorizonCore Builder Tool “build” command Learn how to fully customize an image as a single step using the build command from TorizonCore Builder
Device Tree Overlays on Torizon How to modify the device tree without having to re-compile it
Device Tree Customization Examples Some examples of Device Tree Customization
Pin Multiplexing - Changing Pin Functionalities in the Linux Device Tree How to create a dts file to change the pin muxing configuration
Building External Kernel Modules With Torizon How to deploy an external kernel module using TorizonCore Builder with an example
Customizing Kernel Arguments in Torizon How to use TorizonCore Builder to customize kernel arguments in Torizon
Splash Screen Customization on TorizonCore Learn how to change the splash screen using initramfs
Touch Screen Calibration (Torizon) How to use weston-touch-calibrator to calibrate the touch
Capturing Changes in the Configuration of a Board on TorizonCore Use TorizonCore Builder to save and reproduce board customization
Pre-provisioning Docker Containers onto a TorizonCore image How to preinstall a Docker Container onto a TorizonCore image using your PC
TorizonCore Builder - Commands Manual Commands manual of TorizonCore Builder, showing all commands of the tool and explaining them
TorizonCore Boot Time Optimization How to measure and optimize TorizonCore boot time
Reliability on Torizon Learn how to improve reliability on TorizonCore
How to Store Docker Data on an External Storage Device (USB/SD Card) How to storage Docker data on an external device like an SD Card or a USB stick
Persistent Journald Logging How switch from in-RAM to persistent Journald logging
Using Private Registries With Torizon Platform How to deploy private registry credentials to your devices