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Peripheral Devices


This is a database showing devices tested to work on Toradex's hardware. For more information, use the filters to select a device and click its name to head to its specific page.

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CameraGigEChroma Type: Color, Housing: Box Housing, Lens Mount: C-mount, Pixel Depth: 12 bits, Pixels: 1.3MP, Resolution: 1280 x 1024, Sensor Type: CMOS, Sensor: EV76C560BaslerAcA1300-60gc
CameraMIPI CSI-2Chroma Type: Color, Chroma Type: Monochrome, Housing: Box Housing, Integrated ISP, Lens Mount: C-mount, Pixels: 5MP, Resolution: 2592 × 1944, Sensor Type: CMOS, Sensor: AR0521Allied VisionAlvium 1500 C -500
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