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US15W GMA500

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Article updated at 27 Sep 2012

The US15W GMA 500 Graphics Controller is part of the Poulsbo (US15W) system controller hub populated on Robin Z5xx and Woodpecker Z5xx.

US15W GMA 500 Graphics Controller driver installation

There are two different graphics driver for US15W GMA 500 Graphics Controller. Most customers do start with the GMA Driver from Microsoft which primary is written and supported from the Intel Mobile Group. To support your own display configuration, you will need the Intel Embedded Graphics Driver.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500

You will find the most accurate GMA500 driver here: Download and install the driver directly on the target.

No Video on VGA after driver installation

On Robin, you will get the problem that you have a black screen after driver installation. This is due the fact that GMA by default will use DVO as the primary Output. You can switch this by using the following 2 Hotkeys:


Intel Embedded Graphics Driver

To support your own display configuration, you will find more information about IEGD generation and configuration here: IEGD

You can download an IEGD Driver Sample which Supports Displays with EDID information here (for WinXP):

  • Copy and extract the Windows driver found in the generated zip file to the target.
  • Open the "Utilities" directory and run Setup.exe.

The Configuration File to rebuild the Toradex Sample driver can be download here (for WinXP):