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Update AMI BIOS (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 27 Sep 2012

This BIOS update procedure uses the BIOS Recovery Utility and is only valid for updating Woodpecker and Robin Modules from the AMI BIOS versions J007,J907 or J009 to the version J0011. Please do not use the AFUWIN or AFUDOS program for updating systems with BIOS versions J007, J907 or J009, since these BIOS versions contain a flash routine that can fail during the flashing process. The BIOS Recovery Utility uses the flash routine from the new BIOS image (image that will be flashed) which should not fail. The AFUWIN or AFUDOS uses the flash routine of the old BIOS image (the image that is currently running on the system).


  • Check the current version of the BIOS. Enter the BIOS Setup Utility by pressing the DEL button during the booting. The "System Overview" screen shows the AMIBIOS ID. If BIOS version J007 is loaded, the ID is 0ABQJ007, whereas BIOS version J009 shows 0ABQJ009.
  • Ask the Toradex Support Team for the newest BIOS image ( or
  • Copy the BIOS image to the root of a USB flash drive. Rename the file as AMIBOOT.ROM

Update Procedure

  • Shut down the system and insert the USB flash drive. Shut down is necessary since a system reset is not sufficient.
  • Press the CTRL-HOME key combination as soon as the system powers up. The process will now load the AMIBOOT.ROM from the USB drive and proceed to POST. The video screen will show the flash recovery progress and messages.
  • After the updating process, the "rebooting..." is written on the screen. If it does not reboot automatically after a few seconds, press the reset button.
  • The new BIOS image is now flashed to the FWH chip. This procedure does not update the boot block of the BIOS.


  • Do not switch off the power supply during the update process.
  • Only update the BIOS image if necessary, since every BIOS flashing causes some risks to fail.
  • Do not use the AFUWIN or AFIDOS program for flashing a BIOS image if system is booted with version J007 or J009.
  • Do not use this procedure to downgrade a system to a BIOS version J007 or J009, since these old images contain flash routines that can fail.