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Register Access

Article updated at 27 Feb 2019
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Toradex provides support to directly access hardware registers from Windows CE.
To simplify this task, we offer freely available libraries as well as a demonstration application. Both can be downloaded from Toradex CE Libraries and Code Samples.

A simple code snippet to read a register looks like this:

// include the required header files
#include <CoProcLib.h>
#include <MapRegLib.h>
// variable declarations
volatile DWORD *pRegister;             // a pointer to the register
DWORD Value;                           // variable to store the register's content
// code to execute
    pRegister = MapRegister(0x40E00000)    // This is required to allow access to a page of 1024 DWORD registers (4096 Bytes)
    Value = *pRegister;                    // <= the actual read operation
    UnMapRegister((void*)pRegister);       // clean up when the register page is not required anymore

A more detailed example can be found through the link listed above.