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Processor extensions config block settings

Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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Processor extensions Block Settings

Not all features are available on all CPUs. Please check directly in the bootloader menue.

pex.l2enable:   1               (L2 Cache Enable)
pex.mpenable:   1               (MultiProcessor Enable) 
pex.wdenable:   0               (WatchDog Enable)
pex.cpus:       0               (Number of CPUs to use (0=max number of CPUs))

l2enable: enables (1) or disables (0) level 2 cache.

mpenable: run CPU in single core mode (0) or multicore mode (1)

wdenable: enables (1) or disables (0) hardware watchdog. See also the watchdog article.

cpus: Set number of CPUs that are active. Default value is 0 which means the maximal number of CPUs supported by the module. When pex.cpus is set to 1, pex.mpenable is set to 0 automatically. Only supported for Txx Modules since image V1.4 beta 2.