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Partner Demo Image - TES 3D Surround View


Article updated at 22 Jun 2022
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TES Electronic Solutions

TES Electronic Solutions develops hardware and software systems and sub-systems, with profound expertise in embedded systems, graphics, and HMIs for a series of industries, especially the automotive and industrial area with driver assistant systems like 3D Surround View.

TES 3D Surround View

TES 3D Surround View is a demonstration of driver assistance systems with vehicle cameras. Its implementation is GPU optimized with OpenGL ES. The software is highly portable as well as customizable and supports any kind of camera.

Learn more in Toradex blog post Customizable Embedded 3D Surround View Turn-Key Solution on Apalis iMX6 SoM

Supported Modules

The following Computer on Modules are supported:

  • Apalis iMX6

Supported Displays

While you can use a wide variety of displays and monitors, additional configuration may be required for a specific setup.

A section in the end of this guide provide instructions about display configuration.

Intended Use

This partner demo image is meant for the evaluation of the technology. It is not suitable for development or production.

How to Get Started

This section provides instructions for you to quickly get started with TES 3D Surround View.

Load the Toradex Easy Installer on the target module and select the TES 3D Surround View demo image from the list of available images:

  • Installing TES 3D Surround View using the Toradex Easy Installer

    Installing TES 3D Surround View using the Toradex Easy Installer (click to enlarge)

Test TES 3D Surround View Demo

When the installation ends, power-cycle the board and wait until you see TES 3D Surround View.

  • TES 3D Surround View

    TES 3D Surround View

Configurations in TES 3D Surround View

Camera Control

To control the camera and observe the vehicle surroundings, please connect a USB Keyboard.

The controls used in this mode are

Keys Controls
←, ↑, →, ↓ Move the camera vertically and horizontally around the center
⇧ + ↑, ⇧ + ↓ Zoom in and out
⇧ + ←, ⇧ + → Orbit horizontally around the center axis

To access one of the fixed views, press number keys from 0 to 9, as the sidebar from the Graphical User Interface shows.

Next Steps

For more information about TES 3D Surround View head over to the TES documentation and TES 3D Surround View Product Brief.

Display Configuration

Note: This demo application does not have touch screen interactivity

Displays and Monitors used in Embedded Systems are available in a myriad of configuration possibilities - resistive, capacitive or without touch, single or multi touch, different resolution, density of pixels, pin-out and clock frequency are some examples.

To make things easy for you, Toradex provides specific instructions on how to use its display offerings as well as comprehensive information about how to interface your custom display or monitor to Toradex modules. Please refer to the table below:


Download offline installers and older releases of the Partner Demo Image in this section.

Apalis iMX6

TES 3D Surround View License Agreement

TES offers licenses for evaluation, prototyping, product development, and production. In order to get started, please contact TES and get your evaluation kit.