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iMX6 GPIO tool

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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The Gpio tool provides an interactive interface to the versatile GPIOs of the iMX6 modules. Features include:

  • View current status of any GPIO.
  • Sort by Description / GPIO number / SODIMM number / Evaluation Board jumper number / Pin position.
  • Change I/O direction.
  • Change output level.
  • Select alternate function of any pin.


  • We have split the former GPIOConfig tool into a separate GPIO tools for each platform.
  • The iMX6 GPIO Tool works on Colibri and Apalis iMX6 modules only with the bootloader / WinCE image V1.0Beta4 and later.
  • UART signal naming: UARTs are used in DTE mode on Colibri and Apalis iMX6 modules. This means the UARTx_RX_DATA port is transmitting data from the SoC while the UARTx_TX_DATA port is receiving it. Please also refer to the Apalis iMX6 or Colibri iMX6 datasheet for further details on individual pins.
OS: CE7 WEC2013 Comment
iMX6 GPIO Tool V1.1 V1.1 Release Notes