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Display rotation


Article updated at 05 Feb 2018
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It is possible to rotate the display.

To rotate the display, you need to change the settings in the registry file:

	"Angle"=dword:0              ;Valid values are 0,90,180, and 270. default:0
	"BootupAngle"=dword:0        ;For Tegra only. Valid values are 0,90,180, and 270. default:0

To rotate the display in your application, you can use the function ChangeDisplaySettingsEx().

Here a few code snippets:

DEVMODE devMode;
devMode.dmSize= sizeof(DEVMODE);
devMode.dmDisplayOrientation = DMDO_90;

The HW accelerated cursor on the PXA3xx Colibri modules is not compatible with rotation. (Some boundaries of the screen can not be reached) So when using the rotation feature you have to revert to the SW cursor. Display Driver Registry Settings