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Codesys Software PLC Solution


Article updated at 18 Mar 2021
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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have been around since the late 60´s. They are basically digital computers adapted to industrial automation needs and are largely used in the most diverse manufacturing plants.

Our partner Codesys has a software PLC solution that can be deployed on our ARM-based System on Module families (Colibri and Apalis) in order to transform the module into a PLC solution. It is the perfect fit for use cases where the device end-user must have the capacity to program the device behavior. See the list of Devices using Codesys (you see some famous PLC brands like Beckhoff, Wago, and Eaton).

Codesys System provides several advantages for devices implementing PLC-like solutions. For licensing information please check here.

Codesys can run on Linux or Windows Embedded Compact, please see below for more information.

Codesys on Linux

Codesys can run in a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms including Linux and ARM-based devices.

Requisites for supporting Codesys on Linux

In order to run Codesys Control on Linux, you have to provide support for the OSADL real-time extension. The information on how to do this you find here.

Codesys Partner Demo Container

Learn how to run an evaluation of CODESYS on TorizonCore with the Partner Demo Container - Codesys.

Codesys Partner Demo Image

Attention: This Partner Demo Image is not available anymore. Toradex and CODESYS developed a Partner Demo Container as a replacement, which you can read more on Partner Demo Container - Codesys.

Instructions for the obsolete demo

Licensing Information

If you want to License Codesys on Toradex hardware you can get in touch with our partners 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH or Nexo. For licensing information, check CODESYS Licensing page.