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AWARD Bios (Robin, Woodpecker)

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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Please make sure you are using the correct BIOS version for your module:


BIOS Version Date Bug Fixes Notes
xxP91001 2009-08-03 Initial Release
xxP91006 2009-09-18 GPIO3
USB 2.0 shutdown
xxP91008 2009-10-06 USB Hub issue
SDIO timing
xxP91009 2009-10-15 PCI Express reset partially fixed
xxP91010 2009-10-16 PCI Express reset fixed
xxP91011 2009-10-26 BIOS message Eval removed
xxP91012 2009-10-27 USB first boot device
xxP91014 2009-10-30 New CMC code
new VBIOS:psb_0017.dat
xxP91015 2009-12-03 2GB RAM support
xxP91016 2009-12-16 VGA always on option
xxPA0017 2010-02-02 Added support for 6 more LVDS panels
xxPA0018 2010-02-18 RAM timings corrected
xxPA0019 2010-02-19 EXTTS0# signal throttles CPU fixed
Module temperature added to ACPI
Enabled CPU throttling
xxPA1020 2010-03-10 HD UDMA capability
xxPA0021 2010-03-23 Halt on all Errors except Keyboard
xxPA2022 2010-04-22 USB Keyboard not recognized during boot issue fixed
xxPA2023 2010-04-28 VBIOS 0017 added
xxPA2024 2010-12-08 Halt on all Errors except Keyboard
VBIOS 0017 added
UDMA from Disabled to Auto
xxPB0025 2011-06-20 Workaround for solving problems by using IEGD or EMGD Video BIOS This BIOS still contains the GMA Video BIOS, but it can be replaced by the IEGD or EMGD Video BIOS
xxPC1029 2013-01-07 Restores entire CMOS settings from the flash every time it is booting.

Disable Halt on Keyboard Error

To disable halt on keyboard errors:

  • Go into the BIOS,
  • Open Standard CMOS Features
  • Set the "Halt On" setting to "All, but Keyboard"

Restore factory defaults without Display

The AWARD Phoenix Bios saves the settings into the Flash. If the display settings have been set wrong, the following procedure can be used to restore the factory defaults: (Valid for AWARD Bios Robin R0P60005 /Woodpecker W1P90005)

  • Enter the BIOS setup by pressing DEL
  • Press the right arrow key once to choose "Load fail-Safe Defaults" (alternatively, press the down arrow key 8 times)
  • Press enter to execute the action
  • Press "Y" for Yes (german keyboard: "Z") to confirm
  • Press enter to execute the action, Factory defaults are restored
  • Press "F10" to save to CMOS and Exit
  • Press "Y" for Yes (german keyboard: "Z") to confirm
  • Press enter to execute the action, Settings are saved
  • System should reboot by itself.