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Module 4: Deploying Remote Updates with Torizon OTA



Torizon OTA is a convenient and secure mechanism that enables over-the-air updates for either a single unit or a fleet of devices. It is part of the Torizon platform and works out-of-the-box with the TorizonCore OS. You can:

  • Update your application.
  • Update the default TorizonCore OS.
  • Upload and update your own custom version of TorizonCore.
  • Manage devices.
  • Manage fleets, a.k.a groups of devices.

In this module, you will get used to the experience of update containers remotely using Torizon OTA.

Warning: Follow precautions for handling electrostatic sensitive devices (ESD)

Typographic Conventions

Throughout the Toradex documentation, the following typographic conventions are used:

$ (dollar sign) Command in the host computer (e.g. your PC)

$ Command in your PC

$$ (double dollar sign) Command in a container in the host computer (e.g. your PC)

$$ Command inside a container in your PC

# (hashtag) Command in the target device/board (e.g. Linux terminal)

# Command in the target board, e.g. Colibri iMX6

## (double hashtag) Command inside a container in the target device (Torizon)

## Command inside a container in Torizon

> (greater-than sign) Command in the bootloader (e.g. U-Boot console)

> Command in the Bootloader

No symbol: Command output

$ Command waiting for output


Adding New Device to Torizon OTA

Updating Containers with Torizon OTA

Creating a Fleet with Torizon OTA

Updating the Operating System with Torizon OTA