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Toradex CE Libraries Release


The following table contains known issues, scheduled bug fixes, and feature improvements for the Toradex CE Libraries.

Any schedules are not guaranteed, but reflect the current planning. The planning could be shifted due to priority changes.
Issues which are scheduled for a specific version (e.g. V1.1) will be integrated in the mentioned version of the Libraries.

We will update this table continuously in order to always provide the latest state of our development plan.

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Issue #StatusSubjectModuleSubsystemWinCE OS

Not Planned
WCL-869Known IssueSpiLib for iMX6: Wrong Chip SelectApalis iMX6SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: When using SPI2, the library uses the SPI5 chip select.

WCL-863Known IssueVF61 FlexCan: Transmit Rate Limited to 1 Message/msColibri VF50, Colibri VF61CANCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: The CAN library is currently not able to send more than one message per millisecond

Workaround: Will be fixed in library release V1.9

WCL-861Known IssueMCP2515 CAN Lib: Receive Buffer OverflowColibri VF50, Colibri VF61CANCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Receive Buffer Overflows can occur, especially if there are short messages with short idle time on the bus.

Workaround: Configure the library for Single Thread usage. This does not completely remove the problem, but it will minimize it by optimizing the library performance.

WCL-824Feature RequestTegra: Write One wire sample or libraryColibri T20, Colibri T30, Apalis T30One-WireCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Add onewire library for Tegra.

WCL-796Known IssuePin configurations are always returned as GPIOs, even if they were setup as Colibri/Apalis PinsApalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6, Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61GPIO, I2C, PWM, SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: xxx_GetConfigInt() may return gpios/pins in a different format than they were configured by calling xxx_SetConfigInt(). This needs to be considered when doing a comparison.

Workaround: To compare two Gpios, make sure that both are in GPIO format. You can achieve this by calling Gpio_NormalizeIo().

WCL-787Feature RequestCreate ConfigBlock LibraryApalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6, Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61ConfigBlockCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: This library allows access to the config block which contains data such as the serial number (MAC address), hardware version info, debug serial port settings, etc. Part of this library was available in the formerly called SysInfoLib available for PXA and Tegra modules.

WCL-751Feature RequestAdd Support to Register an Owner of a GPIOApalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6, Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61, Colibri T20, Colibri T30, Apalis T30, Colibri PXA320, Colibri PXA310, Colibri PXA270, Colibri PXA300 XT, Colibri PXA300GPIOCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Provide functions to store a short string for each GPIO identifiying the owner library/driver/application. The owner could be read back and for example be shown in the GpioConfig tool.

WCL-704Known IssueADC pins on Vybrid cannot be used as GPIOsColibri VF50, Colibri VF61GPIOWEC7, WEC2013

Description: ADC pins on Vybrid are controlled directly from the processor (on other modules they are connected to external controllers) and so they may be used as GPIOs, but the GPIO library does not support this because using them in that way can break compatibility with other modules.

Workaround: Pins can be configured by mapping the IOMUX and GPIO controllers directly from the application, but it is strongly advised to not use them as outputs because this will make carrier board not compatible with most of the other modules.

WCL-676Known IssueSpiLib: VybSpi_ReadWrite() Hangs on Invalid Input DataColibri VF50, Colibri VF61SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: VybSpi_ReadWrite() hangs if transmit buffer values are out-of-range.

Workaround: Make sure that each value in the transmit buffer is not larger than what the SPI word width can represent.

WCL-675Known IssueSpiLib: VybSpi_Read() Function Hangs in Some Error CasesColibri VF50, Colibri VF61SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: VybSpi_Read() function hangs in particular error cases.

Workaround: Use VybSpi_ReadWrite() instead. Provide a dummy transmit buffer to this function, containing all 0xff.

WCL-628Known IssueSpiLib on Vybrid: VybSpiReadWrite with txBuffer=0 or rxBuffer=0 Does Not Work CorrectlyColibri VF50, Colibri VF61SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Spi_Read() fails on Vybrid

Workaround: Use Spi_ReadWrite() instead

WCL-622Known IssueSpiLib for Imx6/7: Imx6/7Spi_Read() and Imx6/7Spi_Write() Fail For Large TransfersColibri iMX7, Apalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Imx6Spi_Read() and Imx6Spi_Write() generate an Access Violation if numberOfFrames is larger than 256 The same applies to Imx7

Workaround: Use Imx6Spi_ReadWrite(), provide valid rxBuffer and txBuffer The same applies to Imx7

WCL-607Known IssueUpdateLib for Tegra: Saving the registry fails after updating image without splashscreenColibri T20Flash, Toradex FeatureCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: When a Colibri T20 is updated in one step (through a .cfg file), and the .cfg file does not contain a splash screen, it is later not possible to save the registry.

Workaround: Include the previous splash screen in the package of update source files.

WCL-606Feature RequestUpdateLib for iMX7: Verify data after writing to flashColibri iMX7WinCE FeatureCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Verify each section after writing it to the flash

WCL-601Known Issuei2cLib for Tegra: System wide mutex is not handled properlyColibri T20I2CWEC7

Description: RtcSync and othe i2c applications are blocked between calls of I2c_Init() and I2c_Deinit().

WCL-571Known IssueCAN write error if application quits without can_deinit()Colibri iMX7, Apalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6, Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61, Colibri T20, Colibri T30, Apalis T30CANCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: If an application is closed (or crashes) before Can_Deinit() is called, it causes errors when sending CAN messages if the application gets started again w/o reset. The data still gets sent out. This happens with the internal CAN (FlexCAN) only and not with the external CAN controller.

Workaround: Make sure you call Can_Deinit() before closing the application.

WCL-557Known Issuei2cLib for VFxx: Read with (RegisterAddrSize==0) transmits an empty write commandColibri VF50, Colibri VF61I2CCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: When calling i2c_Read on a VFxx module, the device's slave address is always sent to the bus in "write" mode, even if there's no register address to transmit. This reduces performance unnecessarily, and even might be invalid for some i2c devices.

WCL-551Known IssueUpdateLib for VFxx: Backup / Restore filesystem does not work for multiple filesystem partitionsColibri VF50, Colibri VF61Toradex FeatureCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: UpdateLib cannot backup / restore multiple filesystem partitions

Workaround: use file copy

WCL-535Feature RequestSupport SPI Slave Mode for all ModulesColibri iMX7, Colibri iMX6ULL, Apalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6, Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61, Colibri T20, Colibri T30, Apalis T30SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Support SPI Slave Mode

WCL-532Feature RequestGpioLib for iMX6 and iMX7: Make it thread-safeColibri iMX7, Colibri iMX6GPIOCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Make GpioLib for iMX6 and iMX7 thread-safe

WCL-528Feature RequestSPI DMA support for iMX6Apalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6DMA, SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Support DMA mode for SPI on Apalis iMX6 and Colibri iMX6

WCL-524Feature RequestRemove asserts when driver is already loaded in libraries using drivers (e.g. I2C, SPI)Apalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6, Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61I2CCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Remove the asserts and use DEBUGMSG

WCL-519Feature RequestSupport for external busColibri iMX6External Memory BusCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: We don't plan to add special support for this.

Workaround: It's possible to map the controller using the MapMemLib and then directly access the registers.

WCL-487Known IssueImplement 0 timeout configurable option for CAN library.Colibri iMX7, Apalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6, Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61, Colibri T20, Colibri T30, Apalis T30CANCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Implement 0 timeout configurable option for CAN library.

Workaround: Use separate receive thread so a potential wait doesn't block the rest of the execution.

WCL-467Known IssueSpiLib on Vybrid: Byte Order ReversedColibri VF50, Colibri VF61SPIWEC2013

Description: When doing SPI transfers using multiple chip selects, the byte order of the data can get mixed up.

WCL-454Known IssueSpiLib for Tegra: Configuring a library port to use pins from a non-default hardware SPI instance is not possibleColibri T20, Colibri T30, Apalis T30SPICE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: The assignment of library port name (used in Spi_Init) to the actual hardware SPI instance is fixed and cannot be changed.

Workaround: Select the appropriate library port name matching your SPI pins, as documented in the library help file.

WCL-668Feature RequestGpioLib: Make it Thread-Safe for iMX6 and iMX7Colibri iMX7, Apalis iMX6, Colibri iMX6GPIOWEC7, WEC2013

Description: Add Thread-Safety to the GpioLib for iMX6 and iMX7

WCL-587Known IssueRpmsgDemo comes with .bin firmware, instead of .elfColibri iMX7, Colibri VF61Miscellaneous PeripheralsCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: The Rpmsg Demo in Libary V2.3 and older are shipped with a M4 firmware in .bin format instead of .elf format

Workaround: Build the .elf file from source code, or download the .elf from

WCL-580Known IssueSysinfoLib: Querying the BuildDate may report an old date on iMX6 modulesColibri iMX6WinCE FeatureCE6, WEC7, WEC2013

Description: Sys_GetConfigString("BuildDate") may return an outdated Build Date

Workaround: Check the file date of \Windows\initdb.ini