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Colibri PXA310


Colibri PXA310

  • Marvell PXA310, Intel XScale® Arm Single Core
  • RAM: 128MB, Flash: 512MB NAND
  • Temperature range: -25° to 85°C
  • Windows CE

Warning: Please note that this Product is no longer available for purchase.

Colibri PXA310 is a member of the Colibri family. You will find all technical details such as features, datasheets, software, etc. here.

What do I need to order?

You will need to order a suitable carrier board. We recommend you order the Colibri Evaluation Board for easy evaluation of Colibri interfaces.

Do I need anything else in addition?

The Carrier Board Accessory Kit includes:

  • Cables: USB, Ethernet, RS232, Jumper Wires
  • Adapters: DVI to VGA, HDMI to DVI, USB to RS232, USB Micro-A to A (USB Micro-AB receptacle to Type A), RS232 Header to D-Sub, Iris Power-adapter
  • Power Adapter: 12VDC 30W with international plugs
  • Product Flyer with cable connection details

Where do I buy?

You can buy the Colibri PXA310 module, Colibri Evaluation Board and Carrier Board Accessory Kit from the Toradex webshop.

Starting for the first time?

The initial steps before starting your application development depends on the Carrier Board and Operating System, you would like to use along with the module. For all details, please check the article below to set up the module correctly.

We also have quick video tutorials.

For developing software on the platform, please get all the details below.

Having trouble?

Please contact our technical support. Various option of technical support are mentioned in the article below.


  • Marvell PXA310 - Intel XScale Arm (624MHz)
  • L1 Instruction cache = 32KB
  • L1 Data cache = 32KB


  • 128MB DDR (32 Bit) RAM
  • 512MB NAND (8 Bit) Flash


  • 16 Bit External Bus
  • USB 2.0 (1x Host, 1x OTG)
  • I2C (1x)
  • SPI (4x)
  • One-wire (1x)
  • UART (3x)
  • IrDA (1x)
  • PWM (4x)
  • GPIOs (up to 92)
  • Analog Input (4x 12 Bit)
  • Ethernet (1x 10/100 Mbit)
  • SDIO/SD/MMC (1x 4 Bit)
  • RGB (1024x768x18bpp)
  • Resistive Touch (4/5-wire)
  • Camera Parallel Interface (1x)
  • Analog Audio Line in (Stereo)
  • Analog Audio Mic in (Mono)
  • Analog Audio Headphone out (Stereo)

Supported operating systems

Get details including free downloads of images and BSPs for operating systems supported by Colibri PXA310.

In-house development and support

General Colibri 3D Mechanical Models

The basic Colibri 3D model contains the PCB and the maximum component height on top and bottom of the module.

This is a SolidWorks CAD model. You can download the free eDrawings model viewer from SolidWorks here.

This is a generic STEP model that can be opened and modified in any 3D CAD.

This is a generic 3D pdf model that can be opened in Adobe Reader.

Product # Product Description Changes from Previous Version Release Date PCN Document


Colibri PXA310 624MHz V1.2A PXA310: A2 stepping
PMIC: LP3972 
Audio: WM9715L
00051300 Colibri PXA310 624MHz V1.3A Changed reset handling for Ethernet controller
Increased mounting-hole size to 2mm (Colibri standard)
2009-02-15 PCN Colibri PXA310 624MHz V1.3A 2010-12-21
00051301 Colibri PXA310 624MHz V1.3B Changed processor stepping from A2 to B1 2011-05-20 PCN Colibri PXA310 624MHz V1.3B 2017-01-23
00051302 Colibri PXA310 624MHz V1.3C Changed from 512MB NAND Flash Samsung K9F4G08U0D-SIB0 (EOL) to 1GB NAND Flash Cypress S34ML08G101TFI000 2017-01-23