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Colibri T30


Colibri T30

  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core Cortex-A9
  • RAM: 1GB, Flash: 4GB eMMC
  • Temperature range: -40° to 85° C and 0° to 70° C
  • Windows Embedded Compact and Linux

Colibri T30 is a member of the Colibri family. You will find all technical details such as features, datasheets, software, etc. here.

Recommendation for a first-time order

For starting for the first time with your Colibri T30 you will need a suitable Colibri Carrier Board as well as some adapters and cables for connecting your desired interfaces.
Toradex recommends to order the following accessories for your fist-time order:

You can buy the Colibri T30 module, Colibri Evaluation Board and Carrier Board Accessory Kit from the Toradex webshop.

Getting started for the first time?

For detailed step-by-step instructions about how to start using Embedded Linux, please have a look at our step-by-step Getting-Started Guide:

Additional information

For information on how to update the module's Operating System, or change from Embedded Linux to Windows CE and vice-versa, please check the article below:

We also have quick video tutorials on our Youtube Channel:

For developing software on the platform, please browse through the list of knowledge-base articles provided in the link below:

Having trouble?

Please contact our technical support. Various option of technical support are mentioned below.


  • NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core Cortex-A9
  • Up to 1.4GHz operational frequency
  • L1 Instruction Cache per core = 32KB
  • L1 Data Cache per core = 32KB
  • L2 cache shared among cores = 1MB
  • VFP Vector Floating Point Unit (Double Precision)
  • NEON single instruction multiple data (SIMD) instruction set extension


  • 1GB DDR3L RAM (32 Bit)
  • 4GB eMMC Flash (8 Bit)


  • 16-Bit External Bus
  • USB (1x Host, 1x OTG)
  • I2C (4x)
  • SPI (6x)
  • One-wire (1x)
  • UART (5x)
  • IrDA (1x)
  • PWM (4x)
  • Up to 158 GPIOs
  • Analog Input (4x 12 Bit)
  • Ethernet (1x 10/100 Mbit)
  • SDIO/SD/MMC (3x 4 Bit)
  • S/PDIF In/Out (1x/1x)
  • HDMI (V1.4a 1080p)
  • VGA (1920x1200)
  • RGB (2048x1536x24bpp)
  • Resistive Touch (4-wire)
  • Camera Parallel Interface (1x)
  • Analog Audio Line in (1x, Stereo)
  • Analog Audio Mic in (1x, Mono)
  • Analog Audio Headphone out (1x, Stereo)

Supported operating systems

In-house development and support

Supported by Partners

Get details including free downloads of images and BSPs for operating systems supported by Colibri T30.

In-house development and support

Supported by Partners

General Colibri 3D Mechanical Models

The basic Colibri 3D model contains the PCB and the maximum component height on top and bottom of the module.

This is a SolidWorks CAD model. You can download the free eDrawings model viewer from SolidWorks here.

This is a generic STEP model that can be opened and modified in any 3D CAD.

This is a generic 3D pdf model that can be opened in Adobe Reader.

Click to See the Product Numbering Scheme

A specific product revision has a lifecycle defined by the product state. Learn more about it on the Product Change Notifications.

Colibri T30 1GB

PN: 0023

Product # Product Description Changes from Previous Version Release Date PCN Document


Colibri T30 1GB V1.1B

- Initial Release


Sample Product, No PCN


Colibri T30 1GB V1.1C

- SODIMM pins 59,65,67,69,71,77,79,81,85,94,96,97,98,101,103 don't have bus-hold characteristic anymore


Sample Product, No PCN


Colibri T30 1GB V1.1D

- Internal Version


Sample Product, No PCN


Colibri T30 1GB V1.1E

- Changed eMMC Flash from 2GB to 4GB

2014-10-15 PCN Colibri T30 1GB V1.1E 2017-04-19


Colibri T30 1GB V1.1F

- Replaced eMMC Hynix H26M31003GMR (EOL) with Micron MTFC4GACAJCN-1M WT

2017-05-31 PCN Colibri T30 1GB V1.1F


Colibri T30 1GB V1.1G

- Replacing eMMC Micron MTFC4GACAJCN-1M WT with SkyHigh S40FC004C1B1C00

- Replacing RAM Intelligent Memory IM4G16D3FABG-125 with Intelligent Memory IM4G16D3FDBG-107


Colibri T30 1GB IT

PN: 0030

Product # Product Description Changes from Previous Version Release Date PCN Document


Colibri T30 1GB IT V1.1A

- Initial Release


PCN Colibri T30 1GB IT V1.1A 2017-07-06


Colibri T30 1GB IT V1.1B

- Replaced eMMC Kingston EMMC04G-W100-A08U (EOL) with Micron MTFC4GACAJCN-4M IT.


SoC Errata

Specific SoC errata documents are not easily available, due to this being a mature offering by NVIDIA. You can browse the pages below for some information:

SoM Errata Documents

Hardware Errata/Known Issues

Software Issue Tracker - Colibri T30