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Carrier Board Accessory Kit


Carrier Board Accessory Kit

  • Compatible with specific Apalis, Colibri and Verdin Carrier Boards

What I need to order

The Carrier Board Accessory Kit can be ordered along with specific Apalis, Colibri, and Verdin Carrier Boards.

Where do I order

All the products can be ordered online at the Toradex Webshop as a kit.

See the following table for individual parts from alternate suppliers:

Number Part Suppliers
1 Ethernet Cable Digikey/Mouser
2 USB A to Micro B Cable Digikey/Mouser
3 USB A to B Cable Digikey/Mouser
4 Null Modem Cable (RS232) Digikey/Mouser
5 DVI to VGA adapter Digikey/Mouser
6 HDMI to DVI cable Digikey/Mouser
7 USB to Serial Adapter Digikey/Mouser
8 USB Micro B to A Cable Digikey/Mouser
9 Serial Port Adapter (Iris and Ixora) This cable is custom made.
10 Patch Wires Digikey/Mouser
11 Power Supply Adapter (Iris Carrier Board) This cable is custom made.
12 AC/DC Power Adapter Digikey/Mouser

USB to Serial Adapter Driver for host PC - Carrier Board Accessory Kit V1.1B

The USB to Serial Adapter should work out of the box on the following host operating systems:

  • Windows 10

  • Linux distribution using kernel 5.5 or newer

For older Linux Kernels, you will need to build the driver manually. Download the driver from ProlificUSA website.

Find out the version of your kernel. We recommend that you update your distribution before proceeding. See the example below:

$ uname -r 

Build the kernel from the folder with the closest version to your kernel, from the example above, it would be the 5.2_ok folder:

$ cd 5.2_ok
$ make all

After building the driver, remove the existing default driver:

$ sudo rmmod pl2303.ko

Install the built driver:

$ sudo insmod pl2303.ko

For more information about the driver, you can also refer to the readme.txt in the download package.

Having trouble?

Please contact our technical support. Various options concerning technical support are mentioned in the article below.

The Carrier Board Accessory Kit comes with components that are not compatible with all boards, please see the table below.

Components included and compatibility

In case you want to see more about each accessory and see a brief settings diagram, you can refer to the Product Flyer tab and select the version of the kit. The table below contains the corresponding accessory number in the Product Flyer so you can easily find the device on the flyer.

No. in the product flyer Accessory Verdin Carrier Boards Apalis Carrier Boards Colibri Carrier Boards
1 Ethernet Cable All boards All boards All boards
2 USB A to Micro B Cable Only Verdin Development Board All boards All boards
3 USB A to B Cable None Only Apalis Evaluation Board Only Colibri Evaluation Board
4 Null Modem Cable (RS232 Cable) All Boards All boards All boards
5 DVI to VGA Adapter None All boards All boards
6 HDMI to DVI Cable All boards All boards None
7 USB to Serial Adapter None All boards All boards
8 USB Micro B to A Cable All boards All boards All boards
9 Serial Port Adapter None * Only Ixora Only Iris
10 Patch Cables All boards All boards All boards
11 Power Supply Adapter None None Only Iris
12 AC/DC Power Adapter (international plugs) All boards All boards, except Viola and Aster All boards, except Viola and Aster

* The Serial Port Adapter can be used as a CAN Port Adapter for the Verdin Development Board V1.1A and the Dahlia V1.1A. See the datasheets of the respective products for more information.

Compatible Products

[1] Some accessories are not compatible with the Verdin Development Board and the Dahlia Carrier Board, please refer to the Features tab to read more.

Click to See the Product Numbering Scheme

A specific product revision has a lifecycle defined by the product state. Learn more about it on the Product Change Notifications.

0113xxxx - Carrier Board Accessory Kit

Product # Product Description Changes from Previous Version Release Date PCN Document


Carrier Board Accessory Kit V1.0A

Initial Release


Evaluation Product, No PCN


Carrier Board Accessory Kit V1.1A

Power Adapter with additional PSE, and CB certification
Power Adapter efficiency level VI
Power Adapter slightly shorter cable (needed to pass level VI)


PCN Carrier Board Accessory Kit V1.1A


Carrier Board Accessory Kit V1.1B

New USB to Serial adapter, see Getting Started for details about the driver.
Various cables from different suppliers with slightly different colors, shapes or material. The functionality remains the same.