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CSI Camera Set 5MP AR0521 Color


CSI Camera Set 5MP AR0521 Color

  • Manufacture: e-con Systems
  • Device Type: Camera
  • Interface: MIPI CSI-2
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 70°C

This page contains basic information related to the CSI Camera Set 5MP AR0521 Color.

First Steps

To help with the first steps with the CSI Camera Set 5MP AR0521 here follows two articles with guides on cable connections and camera usage on embedded Linux and TorizonCore.

Having trouble?

Please contact our technical support. Various options for technical support are mentioned in the article below.

Main Features

CSI Camera Set 5MP AR0521 Color

Camera Module Features:

  • Sensor: AR0521 from onsemi®
  • Sensor Resolution and Optical Format:5MP CMOS Image Sensor. 1/2.5" Optical format
  • Sensor Type:5MP CMOS Electronic Rolling Shutter Sensor with Bayer RGB Color Filter Array
  • Image Signal Processor:On-board high performance ISP
  • Output Format:Uncompressed UYVY format

Sensor Features:

  • Pixel size:2.2μm x 2.2μm
  • Sensor Active Area:2592(H) x 1944(V)
  • Responsivity:18.8 ke-/luxsec
  • SNR:40 dB
  • Dynamic Range:74.3 dB
  • Shutter type:Electronic Rolling Shutter
  • Focus Type:Fixed focus
  • DFOV:5MP - 140.5° (with the lens provided by e-con)


The camera module e-CAM55_CUMI0521_MOD from e-con Systems is sold together with an adapter board and cables as the evaluation kit e-CAM50_CUiMX8.

The kit works out-of-the-box with the following computer on modules:

Toradex and e-con Systems are working to also support the following computer on modules:

Any Toradex carrier board that supports the MIPI CSI-2 interface connects to the camera kit out-of-the-box, hardware-wise:

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CSI Camera Set 5MP AR0521 Color V1.0A

Initial Release

Q2, 2022