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e-CAM137A_CUMI1335_MOD - e-con Systems

Manufacture: e-con Systems
Device Type: Camera
Interface: MIPI CSI-2
Operating Temperature: -30° to 70° C
Features: Chroma Type: Color
Focus: Fixed Focus
Housing: Bare Board
Integrated ISP
Lens Mount: S-mount
Pixels: 13MP
Resolution: 4192x3120
Sensor Type: CMOS
Sensor: AR1335
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Compatible Setups

The following table shows which setups were tested with this device, including the setup details and date of test:

Hardware / Firmware VersionModule (Version)Board (Version)OS (OS / BSP Version)NoteTest Date
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e-con Systems provides a user manual with comprehensive instructions to make the camera work. In this article, we summarize some of those steps for a quick reference, but you should not skip reading the e-con Systems documentation:

Tip: in the link above, you will also find the camera datasheet and the schematics for the adapter board for Ixora, ACC-IXORA-WTB-ADP, among other documents.


The camera module e-CAM137A_CUMI1335_MOD from e-con Systems is sold together with an adapter board and cables as the evaluation kit e-CAM131_CUiMX8.

Any Toradex carrier board that supports the MIPI CSI-2 interface connects to the camera kit out-of-the-box, hardware-wise:

  • Ixora Carrier Board
  • Dahlia Carrier Board
  • Verdin Development Board

Attention: This camera is not yet integrated into the Toradex BSP and support is coming up in the next months. If you need to use this camera, please contact sales.