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ZetaKey Web Browser

Article updated at 06 Feb 2019
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Zetakey Webkit Browser is a Webkit-based browser solution that offers HTML5 compliance, high-performance browser for Embedded Linux, Windows CE 6.0/7.0 and Windows Mobile.

Key Benefits

HTML5 supported, such as HTML5 Video/Audio, Geolocation, LocalDatabase, Websocket, etc Compatible with iPhone Safari and Google browser, same Web App can run on Zetakey Webkit Browser.

Optimized for minimum hardware requirements and configurable for different hardwares Available on ARM9/ARM11/MIPS/x86, CPU 200MHz or up, ROM 4MB, RAM 30-60MB Available on Embedded Linux, X, GTK, DirectFB, Windows CE and Windows Mobile Suitable for Set-top box, IPTV, Media player, PND, ebook Reader, Mobile phone, Games console and any connected devices.

Integrated with the latest open source components, such as Webkit, JavaScriptCore, OpenSSL, Curl, ICU, libxml2, pthreads, zlib, XSLT etc. Configurable for screen size, memory, graphic, font, video, input etc Configurable UI flow and sub-application services, includes Icons, Menu, Bookmark, History, Cookie, Certificates, etc.

Customisable items

  • Go
  • ForwardGo
  • BackwardRefresh
  • pageRetrieve
  • url information
  • Zoom in/out
  • Stop/Loading
  • Suspend/Resume Browser
  • Clear cookies
  • Clear cache
  • Screen Size
  • User agent
  • Vertical/Horizontal Scrolling
  • Drop Down
  • History
  • Bookmark
  • Save Page
  • Custom URL bar


Note: If you are stuck with “Unable to import library MSVCR110.dll ! Program will exit" error when starting the application then get those files on this path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows CE Tools\SDKs\Toradex_CE800\Sdk\Crt\bin\ARM" and keep it in the "\Flashdisk\System\" or in the same folder where the application is kept.
Go to "Hardware Verified Version" section and look for Toradex.


License related information is available here