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Thermal shut down (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 20 Nov 2012

The Embedded Controller on Woodpecker or Robin uses the OverTemperature signal from a temperature sensor chip resident on the PCB and shuts down the module immediately if an critical situation occurs.

The following picture shows how the BIOS settings are related to the Embedded Controller behavior:

  • The "Warning temperature" defines the thermal limit on which the CPU starts to throttle. It can be modified in the BIOS.
  • The two critical temperatures are defining the limit on which the Embedded Controller on the module shuts down the module immediately.

The following table shows the default settings for the above fields:

Version Warning Temp Critical Temp Module Critical Temp
Woodpecker V1.0 70 89 70
Woodpecker V1.1 70 89 70
Robin V1.0 70 89 77
Robin V2.0 70 89 70

The higher "Module Critical Temperature" of the Robin V1.0 is due to the position of the Temperature sensor, which is near to the CPU. The "Module Critical Temperature" has been set to 77 degrees to ensure that other colder PCB regions can reach the maximum temperature of 70 degrees.