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Article updated at 28 Mar 2019
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This is a free Lib which provides a lot of information about the system.

Here some of the available functions:

BOOL  GetImageInfo(BSPVER* pBspVer, SYSTEMTIME* pBspDate);
BOOL  GetBootloaderInfo(BSPVER* pBspVer, SYSTEMTIME* pBspDate);
BOOL  GetSystemSpeeds(DWORD* pCpuSpeed, DWORD* pRamSpeed, DWORD* pBusSpeed);
BOOL  GetProcessorInfo(PROCESSOR_INFO* pPI);
BOOL  GetBoardVersion(HWCFG* pHWVer);
BOOL  GetBoardSerial(DWORD* pSerial);
BOOL  GetMACAddress(BYTE* pMAC);
BOOL  SetMACAddress(BYTE* pMAC);
DWORD GetFlashSize(DWORD* pFlashType);
DWORD GetMemorySize();
DWORD SetFrequencyPXA270(DWORD l, DWORD n, BOOL turbo, BOOL turbo2, BOOL fastBus, BOOL altmem, BOOL sram2);
DWORD SetFrequencyPXA3xx(DWORD l, DWORD n, DWORD hsio, DWORD sram, DWORD staticMem);
DWORD SetCoreVoltage(DWORD core_voltage);

The Lib comes with a sample program where you can find more information.

You can download the Lib from our SourceCode examples