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Solving Login/Logout loop problem (Robin, Woodpecker)

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Article updated at 26 Sep 2012

How to solve the problem of getting stuck in a Login/Logout loop

It occured that Windows XP Embedded Standard gets stuck in a Login/Logout
loop after installing the BSP sometimes. This can happen if an OS Image
is copied onto a drive and ran without going through the firstboot agent.
In this case the assigned drive letters create a problem.

Steps to perform in order to solve the Problem

The Solution is to boot the module with the "help" of an other OS,
for example with a USB Stick containing a Windows XP Embedded Standard.
Therefore don't change the boot priority, try to boot the System
which had a problem in booting before.

After booting to Windows XP Embedded Standard, click Start -> Rightclick
on My Computer and choose Manage to get to get to Computer Management.

There select Disk Management. Check the assigned drive letters and find
out which Drive assigned to which letter.

Open the Registry Editor by clicking Start -> Run -> regedit.

Root into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> MountedDevice. There you can see
the DosDevices at the end of the list. Rename the actual DosDevice\C: into
DosDevices\X: (X stands for any letter not used jet for any drive in the Regisry).
Change the Names of the DosDevices which actually represents the SSD of
the module into DosDevices\C:.

Exit the Registry Editor and restart the module without the "helping" OS
and the problem should be solved.