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Software PLC

Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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In contrast to regular application programming in a programming language such as C/C++, there are several companies offering a higher level of abstraction to create your own application.

One of the commonly known approaches is to use a programmable logic controller (PLC). PLCs usually run on dedicated hardware, and offer programming features standardized in IEC 61131-3. It is often desired to use the high-level programming approach of IEC 61131-3, but still have the flexibility of adding customized hardware features.

To get the best out of both worlds, a combination is available:

  • Customized hardware, based on our Colibri computer modules
  • Software-based PLC running on the Colibri.

There are two companies who already ported their software PLC solutions onto the Colibri computers, and thus can easily and quickly provide you a solution to develop and run an IEC 61131-3 application on your customized hardware.

To get more information about the software, please get in contact with the following companies:

Company Homepage
(former KW Software)

In the context of sotware PLCs, these companies also support various industrial communication protocols, such as EtherCAT, ProfiNet and CANOpen.