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Article updated at 22 Jun 2022
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The Colibri module fits into a regular 2.5V (DDR1) SODIMM200 memory socket. A choice of SODIMM200 socket manufacturers and distributors is given below:

ManufacturerProduct NumberAdditional Information
admatec AG SODIMM200S52T25 (5.2mm) MOQ: 100
SODIMM200S92T25 (9.2mm) MOQ: 100 (usually on stock)
SODIMM200 datasheet
AUK Connectors DDR200W52-25V-H (5.2mm) MOQ: 1'120, no non-stock, 4-5W lead time
CONCRAFT 0703A1BA52E (5.2mm) MOQ: 920
Morethanall Co Ltd. SDM6-W52V25-40A6-LF (5.2mm) MOQ: 920
SDM6-W92V25-40A6-lF (9.2mm) MOQ: 920
NEXUS COMPONENTS GmbH 5214HB52 (5.2mm) (usually on stock) MOQ: 1'000
5214HB92 (9.2mm)
Datasheet Series 5214
Tyco Electronics (AMP) 1473005-1 (5.2mm)
1612618-1 (9.2mm)

NOTE: No check about layout footprint compatibility was done.