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Article updated at 28 Feb 2019
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The SMB (Server Message Block ) is a protocol which allows file sharing. An SMB server is included in the Toradex Win CE Image .

There is a Webinterface to configure the SMB Server (define shares and user rights, ...).

  • Make sure that each module has a unique system name in the network. This name can be configured
    • Through the remoteadmin webinterface (System Management → Hostname)
    • through Control Panel → System → Device name
    • through the registry

Known Issues

  • On some modules (e.g. Colibri iMX6S/DL), the Ethernet Adapter must be enabled to accept SMB requests. This can be done


PC Configuration (Windows 10)

For the SMB file sharing under Windows Vista and Windows 7, the same restrictions apply as for the Webinterface.

Windows CE 5 does not support NTLMv2 authentication, which is configured to be the default on Windows Vista and Windows 7. To access a Colibri shared folder, it is necessary to change the PC's secure authentication method from NTLMv2 only to Send LM NTLM.