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Serial Terminal Emulator


Article updated at 29 Oct 2021


There are several Terminal Emulators available to connect to the board from the debug UART. This article lists two different types:


CLI options

This section lists command-line applications to communicate with the serial port.


Picocom is a simple and effective solution for those who like command-line:

$ picocom -b 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0


Screen is a good alternative for the picocom:

$ screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 

Note: By default, if no option is specified, screen uses the standard 9600 baud rate.


Minicom is also a good choice to access the serial port on Linux. You can visualize the setup above by running the following command:

$ minicom -s

  • Minicom setup

    Minicom setup

Note: In case you run Minicom without any additional arguments, it will use the default settings saved on /etc/minicom/minirc.dfl.

GUI options

This section lists Graphical User Interface applications to communicate with the serial port.


GTKterm is a simple GTK+ terminal that can be used on Linux to communicate with the serial port:

  • GTKterm client

    GTKterm client


Putty is an SSH client that can also be used to communicate with the serial port on Windows and Linux:

  • Putty client

    Putty client


TeraTerm is a terminal emulator that can be used on Windows with the purpose to connect via SSH and also to access serial ports:

  • TeraTerm