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RAMDisk (WinCE)

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Article updated at 06 Jul 2018


RAMDisk is a WinCE feature which allows you to take a portion of your system memory and use it as a disk drive. This reduces the available amount of free system memory of course.


Follow the steps below to create and mount a RAMDisk:

  • Download the file.

  • Unzip the file and copy the ramdisk.dll to your WinCE device "\FlashDisk\System"

  • Copy the ceramdrv.exe tool to the root of the module.

  • On the WinCE device open Start->Programs->Command Prompt.

  • To create a RAMDisk with the size of 10MB, type:

ceramdrv 10240

Note: Command line parameter is size in KB.

  • To make this persistent, save the registry: Start->Programs->Colibri Tools->Save Reg.


CE6 and CE7 might work with the WinCE 5 steps above, but was not tested.