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Production Programming for Colibri VFxx Modules

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Article updated at 28 Sep 2018
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There are different ways to program / configure your Colibri modules in production. The documentation below is split into the two sections

  • Create the master backup Files
  • Restore this backup to many modules

Create the Master Backup Files

Use the following steps to generate the master backup files once:

  1. Set up a Colibri with all your SW and settings.
    Make sure the Configblock and the Registry are correct, and that your software is on the system (e.g in \FlashDisk\).
  2. Use the Update Tool to backup all the regions you want to restore including Configblock, Registry and filesystem.
    We strongly recommend to use the latest available Update Tool. We cannot guarantee that an old Update Tool will work properly for example to downgrade a newer image to a previous version!

Instead of using the Update Tool, we also offer an Update library that allows you to write your own backup program.

Restore the Master Backup Files to Many Modules

There are a few options to restore the master backup files onto other modules,

Warning: If a power loss occurs while programming data, the flash could get corrupted.
As long as the Bootloader is not damaged, you can always use it to restore the module. If the bootloader is damaged, you need Recovery mode to restore the module.

Restore Using the Latest Update Tool

Note: We strongly recommend to use the latest available Update Tool. We cannot guarantee that an old Update Tool will work properly for example to downgrade a newer image to a previous version!

Restore Using a Production Programming Script

For production programming you will need a USB, SD or other mass storage device.
We call it production programming storage device in the following.

Preparation (Once)

Use the following steps to prepare the production programming storage device once:

  1. Download the production programming template
  2. Copy the master backup files into the folder Production programming template\Backup\
  3. Copy the latest Update tool into the folder Production programming template\UpdateTool\
    The latest update tool is available as part of the latest image download package
  4. Modify the ProductionProgramming.Bat file to your needs
    • If you are updating the OS to a newer image version of the same OS you need to clear the registry, as it may be incompatible
    • If you are updating from different version of Windows CE you need to first update the bootloader and the image, reboot, and update the rest of the sections
  5. Copy all the Production programming template\ files to the production programming storage device


To program modules, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Boot the target module and insert the production programming storage device
    The update process will start automatically. Wait for the update to complete.
  2. Reboot the device

Build Your Own Restore Application

If you need more control over the programming, you can write your own program and use the Update tool to do the actual programming.

If you wish to further customize the programming, use the Toradex CE Libraries. The package contains the UpdateLib, which provides an API to implement your own update process. This is, for example, useful if you would like to show your own progress bar.

Partial programming

In case you do not wish to program the complete flash, just make a backup file of each region you would like to program. Available regions include:

  • Bootloader
  • Config Block
  • OS Image
  • Registry
  • File System

Update tool versions before 7.3.0 (2.0)

Attention: Using an older Update Tool is deprecated. We strongly recommend to use the latest Update Tool only. This section is left in the post for completeness, because the process was slightly different.

Click To Read through the process for old Update Tool Versions

Notes on Toradex Firmware Versions

Toradex modules are normally shipped with the newest version of the Image/Bootloader firmware. We change the SW version of the preinstalled Win CE image/bootloader firmware without any notification.
If you receive a new batch of Colibris, make sure you check the version of the installed SW. If the version is different check the change log file on our server.
We recommend that you should always use our latest OS release. Make sure that your own SW/HW still works fine with the newest Toradex SW. (This is normally the case).

However, it is not possible for all customers to always use the latest Toradex SW. In this case you can downgrade all the Colibri SW with your tested version of the SW. If the HW version of the Colibri has changed, you need to verify if the "old" SW is still 100% compatible. If you are not sure, you can contact the support.