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Pre-programmed Software on Toradex Modules


Article updated at 01 Oct 2021

Remember that you can always refer to the Easy Installer Documentation, there you can find a lot of relevant articles that might help you in the process of load and flashing an image on your module.


Toradex Easy Installer is the software that comes preinstalled on supported Toradex SoMs. All the other devices not supported by Easy Installer will come with a Embedded Linux Reference Image pre-installed.

In this article, you will find out what version of Easy Installer comes preinstalled from our warehouses when you buy a new SoM. This information is especially useful to correlate known issues and new features, as this affects how you use this tool, especially during Production Programming.

Products with Easy Installer Version Installed

According to our Product Change Notifications (PCN) policy, a product transitions to different states through its life cycle. Some examples are sample and volume states.

Sample Products and Earlier

All products in sample state or earlier come with a pre-production release of the Easy Installer.

We may choose to update this version at our discretion, once we deem it beneficial to most customers. A specific version is not guaranteed.

Due to our distributed warehouses, it may take some time until you get the latest version preinstalled.

Volume Candidate Products and Later

All products in volume candidate sate or later come with a production release of the Easy Installer.

The version is fixed and it only changes when a new revision of the hardware is released. When it happens, we release a Product Change Notification.

You can subscribe to receive PCNs on the Product Change Notifications (PCN) page.

Version of Pre-Installed Software

To see which software version comes pre-installed in our more recent SoMs, see the Revision History tab, column Pre-Installed Software on the product page:

  • Pre-Installed Software version

    Pre-Installed Software version