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Power Button Less Booting (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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The Woodpecker and Robin module can be configured to boot without pressing the power button. There are two ways to get this configuration. The first way is to modify the boot mode of the Embedded Controller whereas the second way is to modify the power supply to an AT like scheme.

Modification of Boot Mode

The Woodpecker and Robin module knows three different boot modes:

  • Auto: The module goes into standby (S5) if the 5V standby voltage is available before the 12V main supply and waits for the power button. If the 12V main power ramps up without availability of the 5V standby voltage, the module boots up without waiting for the power button
  • Wait For Button: The module waits in S5 state for the power button when the voltages ramp up.
  • Always Start: The system boots if the 5V standby or the 12V main power ramp up without waiting for the power button

Set the boot mode to Always Start in order to get a power button less booting. Please refer to the according description of the embedded controller feature report commands in the datasheet of the Woodpecker or Robin module. If you are using Windows XP or Windows Embedded Standard, you can use the [[Toradex_Z5xx_Tweaker_Tool_(Woodpecker,_Robin)|Toradex Z5xx Tweaker Tool]] for modifying the boot mode.

Important, the boot mode needs to be saved in the flash of the Embedded Controller.

AT Like Power Scheme

The default boot mode is "Auto". In this mode, the module detects the availability of the standby voltage after the main power supply is ramp up. If the standby voltage is missing, the module will boot directly without waiting for the power button signal. The following picture shows the AT like power scheme.

The power up sequence is described in the next image: