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Partner Demo Image - MVTec HALCON


Article updated at 29 Oct 2021
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MVTec Embedded Vision HPeek Demo

MVTec Software GmbH provides HPeek which proves the essence of MVTec HALCON with a selected number of Machine Vision software and solutions for a broad variety of industries.

It is suitable for embedded systems such as the Toradex computer on module (SoM) offerings. Since it runs on top of Toradex' standard Linux BSP, you have the added value of MVTec HALCON's on top of a reliable system on module solution.

Watch our joint webinar with MVTec: An introduction to Embedded Vision with MVTec HALCON


MVTec HALCON Toradex Easy Installer image format offers HPeek, a tool to demonstrate HALCON machine vision and HALCON image processing performance and key features regardless of a commercial license. The provided demo runs a series of image processing algorithms applied to offline images calculated in the target embedded system device, e.g. plant segmentation demo shown below.

  • Multiple object detection

    Multiple object detection

  • Plant segmentation

    Plant segmentation

  • Moving direction and speed estimation segmentation

    Moving direction and speed estimation segmentation

Supported Modules

The following Computer on Modules are supported:

  • Apalis iMX6
  • Apalis TK1

Supported Displays

While you can use a wide variety of displays and monitors, additional configuration may be required for a specific setup.

A section at the end of this guide provides instructions about the display and touch screen configuration.

Intended Use

This partner demo image is meant for the evaluation of the technology. It is not suitable for development or production.

How to Get Started

This section provides instructions for you to quickly get started with MVTec HALCON

Load the Toradex Easy Installer on the target module and select the MVTec HALCON demo image from the list of available images:

  • Installing MVTec HALCON using the Toradex Easy Installer

    Installing MVTec HALCON using the Toradex Easy Installer (click to enlarge)

Test HPeek

When the installation ends, power-cycle the board and wait until you see a desktop environment. Please find HPeek and its ReadMe desktop icons and run the application with double click.

  • Run HPeek by the desktop icon

    Run HPeek by clicking in the desktop icon (click to enlarge)

Configurations in HPeek
Check out the list of HPeek applications

Install MVTec HALCON

MVTec HALCON is a commercial offering from MVTec Software GmbH.

Develop and Deploy Applications

MVTec HALCON provides a highly interactive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Machine Vision compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS operating systems in the host and Linux, Windows CE, Android and other operating systems in the target: HDevelop development environment enables a fast time-to-market and ease of use with a large set of examples, some of them shown in HPeek.

A HDevelop program can be easily integrated into your application since it has interfaces with C, C++, C# and VB.NET where it is possible to access all of its operators to perform machine vision procedures in a few lines of highly optimized code, once it is GPU accelerated and has full support of available instruction sets (neon support for ARM platforms).

Next Steps

For more information about how to develop a HALCON Application head over to the extensive MVTec Documentation.

Display and Touch Screen

Displays and Monitors used in Embedded Systems are available in a myriad of configuration possibilities - resistive, capacitive or without touch, single or multi touch, different resolution, density of pixels, pin-out and clock frequency are some examples.

To make things easy for you, Toradex provides specific instructions on how to use its display offerings as well as comprehensive information about how to interface your custom display or monitor to Toradex modules. Please refer to the table below:


Download offline installers and older releases of the Partner Demo Image in this section.

Apalis iMX6

Apalis TK1

MVTec HALCON Licensing Statement

MVTec HALCON is commercial software. Buy HALCON from one of MVTec's distributors