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Operating Toradex Wi-Fi/BT Capable Modules Using Single Antenna Configuration


Article updated at 26 Feb 2021
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Toradex Wi-Fi/BT enabled SoMs support dual antenna configuration. Dual antenna operation is recommended and default configuration to obtain maximum throughput and stability performance through the usage of MIMO. If for whatever reason operation with a single antenna is required, please follow this guide.

Note: The Bluetooth signal is only available on the AUX terminal so if you plan to use only Bluetooth is likely that you won't have additional benefits in using two antennas.

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  1. Connect the antenna to the port marked AUX,

  • wifi module

    Wi-Fi/BT Module

  1. It is recommended for the MAIN port to be 50 Ω terminated,
  2. Follow the "Boot-Time Configuration" or "Run-Time Configuration" procedure below.

Run-Time Configuration

  1. Make sure wifi is not enabled by disabling any connections with connman or whatever other network manager is in use and execute:
$ ip link set dev mlan0 down
  1. Use iw to set the antenna bitmap:
$ iw phy phy0 set antenna 0x02 0x02
  1. Now you can use Wi-Fi as usual, only the AUX antenna will be used.

  2. If you're only using WiFi in your application, better radio performance can be achieved by connecting the antenna to the MAIN port and using:

$ iw phy phy0 set antenna 0x01 0x01

In this case the AUX port needs to be 50 Ω terminated.