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Opera Mini Web Browser

Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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Opera Mini 5 offers much faster and more powerful browsing experience than any of its predecessors. Maximum part of this small and compact program has been borrowed from its desktop-based big brother this time, so if you enjoy using Opera on your PC or Mac then you can now look forward to a similarly smooth ride on your mobile device.

The user interface in Opera Mini 5 is more usable than ever. This is thanks to the addition of a Speed Dial feature, whereby you can set one-click shortcuts for up to nine of your favorite sites. Just like in the desktop version, these display thumbnail previews of the sites to make things as clear and simple as possible.

Opera Mini utilizes a tab-based interface, meaning that you can load multiple pages at once simply by clicking on the tab icon at the top of the interface. You can thumb through the pages you have open using the left and right direction buttons. Other navigational aids have also been added, such as an auto-complete feature in the address bar and a built-in search bar. Unfortunately, the search bar only features two sources - Google and Wikipedia.

Viewing pages in Opera Mini 5 is a delight. As with the previous version, you can opt to view the whole web page on screen or move the cursor over a particular part of the page and tap to zoom in (there are only two levels of zoom though). Load times are as impressive as ever thanks to Opera's unique server-side rendering technology.

For those who love to tinker around with stuff, Opera Mini 5 is sure to please because the program is simply rammed with options. You can alter image quality, font size, and full screen browsing, and there are a wealth of privacy settings too. The program even has its own password manager.

Opera Mini 5 is a slimline, easy-to-use browser that will significantly speed up your internet experience


  • Fast performance
  • Speed Dial feature
  • Simple-to-use tabbed browsing interface
  • Lots of options
  • Integrated search bar
  • Address bar auto complete


  • Just two levels of zoom
  • This version was not tested on WinCE 7.


Download Opera Mini 5.1 (Windows Mobile)