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Migrate Projects from VS2008 to VS2013/VS2015

Article updated at 24 Jan 2018


Many of our demo projects are developed in Visual Studio 2008, if you are working on the latest Windows Embedded Compact compatible Visual Studio versions like VS2013/VS2015, this article will provide you with step by step instructions to easily migrate the project from VS2008 to VS2013/VS2015.

Note: Before migrating, first check if your project is clean. This means that there should not be any Intellisense File (.ncb), solution user options file(.suo) and user options file(*.user).


You must have all generic settings in the ** *.vcproj** file. Basically, the project files need to be nearly empty (only file references and platforms need to be listed there).

  1. Create a copy of the *.sln file of the project.

    • Rename *.sln and add _VS2015.sln or _VS2013.sln suffix
  2. Open *_VS2015.sln or _VS2013.sln file in a text editor like Notepad++.

    • Search for Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7) or Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I) and replace it by Toradex_CE800
    • Open *.vcproj file in a text editor.
    • Search for Toradex_CE800 (ARMV7) or Toradex_CE600 (ARMv4I) in the configuration loop of file and replace it by Toradex_CE800. Do not replace them with the library paths.
  3. Open *_VS2015.sln file in VS2015 or VS2013

    • Run the migration process and click yes on the missing platforms
    • Once the migration is done, remove the Win32 platforms which have been added automatically
      [Build][Configuration Manager][Active solution platforms]

    • Revert the changes on the *.vcproj files

    • As most required settings are part of the *.props files, you should now be able to build the project.