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MECS Tellurium Muxd SDIO

Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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The SDIO interface supports 4 bit, 1 bit and SPI interface mode. The bus is multiplexed with the xPOD interfaces on the Tellurium platform. In order to use the SDIO interface, one of the three possible device interfaces must be selected (i.e. SD card slot, xPOD port 1 or xPOD port 2).

The below image shows a schematic representation of how the SD interface is multiplexed between the three device interfaces. The only signal that is multiplexed is the SDIO clock signal.

By default, the SD card slot is selected when using TelluriumConfig.exe. Care should be taken when using an xPOD module which makes use of the SD card interface if it is also intended to make use of the SD card slot. Coexistence software may be required to support multiple SD devices at the same time, and the user should be aware that restrictions may apply to the use of the SD interface when sharing it between multiple devices.

The truth table below shows which inteface is selected for a given control input combination.