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MECS Tellurium Connector Pinouts

Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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This page provides information on the connectors used on the MECS Tellurium platform and associated pinout data.

Connector X5 (Display connector)

X5 is a 40 way Tyco/AMP header, part number 5177984-1. The corresponding receptacle as used on the range of generic display connectors is part number 5177983-1. This type of connector is available in a range of stacking height combinations. The mentioned part numbers provide a combined stacking height of 6mm. Please use the link below to download the connector datasheet and mechanical drawing.

Pin 1 of the connector can be identified with a white dot which is located at the bottom left most pin of the connector when looking at the platform from the bottom side with the Compact Flash socket (X3) to the right of the board. Pin 2 is directly above pin 1, such that all of the even pins (2 through 40) are arranged on the top edge of the connector (from left to right), and odd pins (1 through 39) are arranged along the bottom side of the connector (from left to right).

The above image provides an illustration of the connector pinout. For detailed information on individual pin function, please see section 5.3 in the MECS Tellurium datasheet: