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MECS Tellurium Configuration

Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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This page provides information on configuring the MECS Tellurium platform.

Please Note When you first power up the Tellurium board connected to the Ampire 5.7" display, you will notice that the display is dark. You may want to use the Remote Display Tool to control the board from your PC.

The MECS Tellurium platform includes an on-board USB hub and a multiplexed SDIO interface that need configuring by the installed Colibri module upon power-up to enable them.

An executable to configure both the USB hub and SDIO interface is available for download:

To ensure that the platform is configured automatically on start-up, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the aforementioned .zip file and extract it to a folder on your local machine.
  2. Create a folder on the Colibri Flash Disk (named "FlashDisk" on the WinCE file system) called "AutoRun" (you can connect to the device using Activesync and a mini-B USB cable to do this).
  3. Copy the extracted exectuable to the created "AutoRun" folder.
  4. Re-boot the device.

You should now see that once the device has re-booted, an orange LED next to the NXP ISP1520 IC (located near to the USB type A connector stack) will start to flash at a periodic rate to indicate successful configuration.

Disabling USB overcurrent detection

USB overcurrent detection is not supported by the MECS Tellurium board. For some newer Colibri modules it is necessary that you disable this function by setting a registry value, in order to enable the USB port:

"OCEnable"=dword:0x00000000     ;disable overcurrent detection

Detect Inserted SD Card After Suspend/Resume

The Tellurium board has a feature of multiplexing SD signals. In the default configuration it might happen that an active edge on the Card-Detect signal is required after resume, in order to force the SD controller to detect the inserted card. To setup the multiplexer quickly enough after a system resume, the respective control pins must be configured to be driven low already during suspend. Please add the following string to your suspend settings:

"PinStates" ="sodimm69o0,sodimm133o0"
If the "Pinstates" key already exists, you can merge the two strings.