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LVDS (Lily)

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Article updated at 26 Sep 2012

Lily Version 1.1

The LVDS signals are routed into the FPGA and converted by default (reference design) to RGB, which is then converted to the DVI-I signal.

Is is possible to route the LVDS signal to an expansion header instead of the DVI-I. For doing this, you need to modify the FPGA design and reprogram the FPGA.

Lily Version 2.0

Lily Version 2.0 supports two assembly variants for the LVDS signals:

  • LVDS->RGB->VGA (implemented on Lily Version 2.0 Micro (for Woodpecker))
  • LVDS routed to a pin header (implemented on Lily Version 2.0 Nano (for Robin))

Lily Version 2.0 Nano (for Robin)

The LVDS signals are routed to header X26 (see datasheet for more information)

Lily Version 2.0 Micro (for Woodpecker)

The LVDS signals are routed to a LVDS to RGB converter chip. The RGB signals are then converted to VGA signals, which are routed to the DVI-A interface.

Toradex can provide a reference design schematic free of charge upon request.