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Lily Power Modes

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Article updated at 26 Sep 2012

The Lily Baseboard knows two different power managing modes: S-State-Power-Control (default) and Hard-Power-Control.

S-State-Power-Control (default)

The power of the baseboard is controlled by the computer module with help of the S-State signals. The baseboard switches on the power supplies and initialize the LVDS to DVI converter as soon as the SUS_S4# signal is low. The baseboard returns PWR_OK to the module after the successfull initalisation of the converter.


The baseboard controls its power independent of the module. By pressing the power button, the power supplies toggles on/off. The baseboard returns a PWR_OK high if the power supplies are on and the initialization of the LVDS to DVI converter is done. For enabling this power managing mode, the reset button has to be pressed during the plugging-in of the 12V supply. The Hard-Power-Control mode is mainly designed for test purpose, specially if no computer module is plugged in.