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Internet Time Server


Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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The default Windows CE image implemented on the Colibri modules supports setting the system time from an internet time server. This feature is activated by default.

More Information

This SNTP service is a default feature provided by microsoft. Documentation can be found here:

Default values

Toradex configures the settings for the SNTP service as follows:

"Server"         = ""
"refresh"        = dword:240C8400 ;get time from server once a week 
"recoveryrefresh"= dword:5265C00 ;if failed next try next day 
"threshold"      = dword:5265C00 
"trustlocalclock"= dword:0 

Disabling the SNTP service

In order to disable the SNTP service, configure the timer server to an invalid value, e.g. an empty string

"Server"         =""