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How to use Seven Segment Display

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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A seven segment display is an electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals.

Use cases:

  • Digital clock
  • Electronic meters
  • Panel meters
  • Numerical displays like scoreboards
  • and many more..

This tutorial will explain how to interface seven segment display with Toradex module. In this tutorial, LT542R(Seven Segment Display) has been interfaced with Iris Carrier Board V1.1A.

Schematic diagram

Seven Segment Display Board:

Schematic diagram:

NOTE: Below mentioned examples can run on Colibri VF50/61 modules, for that you have to use Vybrid GPIO libraries available here.

Demo application in C

  • Download demo code from here.
  • Build and deploy the solution.
  • Navigate to My Device > Program Files > sevensegment_demo and run the application sevensegment_demo.exe.

Demo application in CSharp

  • Demo application can be downloaded from here.
  • Navigate to Solution Explorer in visual studio > Right Click on Solution > Properties > Devices.
  • Uncheck "Deploy the Latest version of the .NET Compact Framework (including Service Packs)".
  • Build and deploy the project on your WinCE device.
  • Download and Install .NET Compact Framework directly to the FlashDisk of the device from here.
  • Go to My Device > Program Files > vcsharp_sevensegment_demo and run the application vcsharp_sevensegment_demo.exe.

Following GUI will open where individual segment On/Off can be configured.

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