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HDMI DDC configuration on TK1

Article updated at 19 Jul 2018

Choice of a I2C used for the HDMI DDC on an Apalis TK1 can be done by modifying hdmi_ddc entry in:

For TK1 V1.2


For TK1 V1.1


Here's the default entry for TK1 v1.2 module:

    hdmi_ddc: i2c@7000c700 {
        clock-frequency = <10000>;

7000c700 is the address of an i2c-bus that's going to be used for DDC. If you want to use different i2c just replace that address with an address for a different i2c. You can find appropriate addresses in this table:

I2C Address
i2c0 7000c000
i2c1 7000c400
i2c2 7000c500
i2c3 7000c700
i2c4 7000d000
i2c5 7000d100

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