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Flash Layout Vybrid and iMX7

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Article updated at 17 Jun 2019

Colibri VF50, Colibri VF61 and Colibri iMX7 use a common raw Nand flash to store OS, configuration and user data.

The flash device is organized as follows:

  • the page size is 2kB
  • a block consists of 64 pages.

The following flash layout describes the allocation of flash memory in the default configuration for Windows CE. Notes are inserted where the user can influence the flash layout.

First page# (first block#) size Description
0 (Block 0) 2 kB FCB factory data
1 (Block 0) 2 kB Static config block
2 (Block 0) 2 kB Bad block table
3 (Block 0) 122 kB unused
64 (Block 1) 512 kB Bootloader
320 (Block 5) 128 kB Config block
384 (Block 6) 64752 kB1 Registry, OS image and splash screen.2
32768 (Block 512) 3 (total flash size) - 64 MB3 Data used for user. Mounted as \FlashDisk on WinCE

  1. The size of the section for registry, OS and splash screen can be modified through the configblock setting part.nonfssize.
    The actual size is: ((part.nonfssize * 1024) - 784) kB ↩︎

  2. The location of OS / Registry / Splashscreen inside this section depends on the order of flashing. These three parts can even be interleaved. ↩︎

  3. Starting position and size are affected by the configblock setting part.nonfssize.
    The starting location is page (part.nonfssize * 512) (block part.nonfssize * 8).
    The size is (total flash size in MB) - part.nonfssize MB↩︎