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Flash Layout Nvidia Tegra

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017

This article is specific to Nvidia Tegra modules. For information about the PXA module flash layout, see PXA Flash Layout. The flash layout is created in recovery mode with the NvFlash tool. The configuration is defined in the file ending with .CFG that is provided with our OS images. A set of parameters is defined for each partition. Here is an example:


In most cases you do not need to change the flash layout. In cases you need to change the size of a partition, you can change the size parameter (size in bytes).

An overview of the partitions is provided below.

Partition Name Description
BCT (Boot Configuration Table) contains information for the Bootrom to startup the system. e.g RAM timings,.. Toradex provides the content of the BCT in a file with the ending .BCT
PT (Partition Table) Used by the low level Nvidia Flash File System |X|X
EBT (Bootloader) Contains the Bootloader
BMP (Splash Screen) Contains the Splash Screen picture
CE6 (WinCE Image) WinCE image partition for WinCE 5,6 WEC 7,2013 |-|X
ARG (Config Block) The Config Block is manly used by the Bootloader
USR (User Data) This partition will be mounted as \FlashDisk in WinCE