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ERROR: Failed to initialize builtin Ethernet controller


Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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This is a message on the debug output in case the Colibri can't initialize the Ethernet controller.

Most common reason is that the Ethernet cable is not connected or that the jumper for the Ethernet is in the wrong position.

Required Jumper positions: Colibri Colibri Colibri Base Board Jumper PXA270 PXA3xx T20

Evalboard  JP6     1-2     2-3     2-3
Orchid     JP2     1-2     2-3     2-3
Protea     JP2     1-2     2-3     2-3
Tellurium  X9      1-2     2-3     2-3

For more information see also the Colibri Evaluation Board schematics.