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Component TV output YPrPb (Robin)

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017

The Chrontel CH7022 on the Robin module can output VGA, Composite, S-Video or Component TV (YPrPb) Video signals. In order to choose the required video output, an IEGD or EMGD video driver needs to be created with the correct settings. Unfortunately, the IEGD and EMGD configuration editor tool (CED) laks the YPrPb option, but you can force it to configure component TV output by setting the custom attributes.

  • Open the IEGD Configuration Editor
  • Copy or create a new configuration
  • At the "Chipset Configuration Page" enter a configuration file name and add at least sDVO-B port to the list of used ports.
  • At the "sDVO-B Configuration Page" select DVO device Chrontel CH7020 and click on the button "Attribute Settings"
  • select "Custom0" and add ID 9 and Value 16
  • Set all the other required settings according to your needs (e.g. "TV Output Format") and finish the dialog box
  • Finish the "sDVO-B Configuration Page"
  • Add your new configuration to an existing package or create a new package
  • Select the package and click on "Generate Installation"
  • Install the driver to your system