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Colibri iMX6 nRESET_OUT Software Reset Workaround

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017

Known Issue

During a software initiated reset cycle, the nRESET_OUT signal is not asserted on the Colibri iMX6 V1.0 module. Unlike other Colibri modules, the nRESET_OUT signal remains the whole time high during the software initiated reset. During power up as well as hardware initiated reset cycles (by pressing the nRESET_IN/RESET_EXT button), the nRESET_OUT signal gets asserted similar to other Colibri modules. This is not an issue as long as external peripheral devices on the carrier board do not need to be reset during a software reset or no software initiated reset cycles are used on a system.

Possible Workaround

A possible workaround is implementing a small reset circuit on the carrier board that allows driving low the reset signal by using any free GPIO:

  • Colibri iMX6 nRESET_OUT Workaround

    Colibri iMX6 nRESET_OUT Workaround

Since on the Colibri iMX6 the reset state of regular GPIOs is configured as input with enabled internal pull up resistor, the transistor will pull down the reset line during a software initiated reset cycle. The bootloader or application needs to reconfigure the GPIO as output and drive it low for releasing the external reset signal.