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Change Boot Logo (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 23 Sep 2012

This page describes how to change the full screen boot logo of the Award BIOS for Robin and Woodpecker modules. For changing the boot logo, the CBROM.EXE is needed. This tool is provided by Phoenix Technologies and Toradex is not allowed to send a copy to the customers. Please contact the Toradex support for more information.


The update of the boot logo is a fundamental change in the BIOS image. If the modification is not done correctly, the board might not boot anymore. Use a baseboard with a second BIOS image for recovering corrupted BIOS images. If you do not have such a baseboard, be aware of the risk. The boot logo modification is on your own risk.
For customer that want avoid the risk or do not have the CBROM.EXE tool, Toradex offer the service of changing boot logos for the fee of support hours. If you are interested, please contact the Toradex support team.

Extract Current Boot Logo from BIOS Image

The current boot logos can be extracted from the bios image by using the following commands whereas the R0P91016.bin is the name of the BIOS image:

cbrom R0P91016.bin /jpeg  extract  
cbrom R0P91016.bin /jpeg1 extract
cbrom R0P91016.bin /jpeg2 extract 

Prepare new Boot Logo Files

The new boot logo has to be provided in 3 resolutions: 1024x768 (jpeg), 800x600 (jpeg1) and 640x480 (jpeg2). The BIOS will pick the correct resolution based on which video mode is supported. If you provide not enough memory (selectable in BIOS setup menu), the highest modes will fail and the BIOS will try a lower video mode. There must be 3 logos since the BIOS can hang if you want to force a video mode (e.g. 1024x768) while the video BIOS is not able to switch that mode. The files must be 24 bit color and the file size must be small (<50KB). The file should not content JPEG metha data. The BIOS does not support every compression, try different compressions.

After the updating of the logo, the chipset micro code (CMC) has to be relinked to the image. Otherwise the BIOS does not boot anymore. The easiest way to obtain the CMC is to extract it from the current BIOS image:

CBROM R0P91016.bin /TOPHOLE:FFFD0000 extract 

Next step is to remove the old logo from the BIOS image:

CBROM R0P91016.bin /JPEG  release
CBROM R0P91016.bin /JEPG1 release
CBROM R0P91016.bin /JEPG2 release

Now the new logos can be included in the BIOS image:

CBROM R0P91016.bin /JPEG  logo1024.jpg
CBROM R0P91016.bin /JPEG1  logo800.jpg
CBROM R0P91016.bin /JPEG2  logo640.jpg

IMPORTANT: do not forget the last step, the relinking of the chipset micro code:

 CBROM R0P91016.bin /TOPHOLE:FFFD0000 TOP_HOLE.bin

The modified BIOS image can now be flashed to the Woodpecker or Robin module by using the Awdflash or Torflash tool.